Lourens Stuurman

Born in Amsterdam, moved to Groningen in 2018 to study at the Minerva Art Academy and graduated in 2023.

His paintings reflect a desire for a harmonious world. Currently he is inspired by architecture and the city. Contemplating the features of skyscrapers and flats. Rhythm of shapes, and a rhythm that plays with the viewer’s eyes. The repetition of windows and balconies produces a hypnotic effect so you can’t look away. By painting fragments of structures, the hectic part of the city is left behind and the focus is put on the tranquil architecture. Almost as if time is standing still. His work explores beauty in different perspectives which are not widely accepted. He is looking for beauty in non-obvious places. He is inspired by contemporary architecture and his work is composed based on photographs. Through the facades in his paintings, he builds a new reality.